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Treasure Vase Qi Meditation


Treasure Vase Qi, is the first of the Four Foundation Practices. In order for one to build a strong spiritual practice one must first build a solid foundation. It is recommended that each of the foundation practice Treasure Vase Qi, Claiming and Relaxing, Diamond Wisdom and Dyana Yoga should each be practiced for one hundred days before moving on to higher practices.

This Method Treasure Vase Qi, can bring forth an inner Qi-releasing movement in a very short time. Even more amazing is that within approximately twenty minutes the practitioner can grasp the outer Qi-generating and releasing method.



Treasure Vase Qi Meditation: Illuminating the Inner Light

In the ancient practice of Treasure Vase Qi Meditation, we find a path that does not draw from the essence of the sun and moon, nor from the vital energies of animals and plants. Instead, it guides us inward, to the profound wellspring within.

When our mind settles into a serene and focused state, the body begins to produce a luminous energy known as the Self Spiritual Light. This sacred light, revered in Buddhist teachings, is a manifestation of our true nature.

As the Self Spiritual Light emerges, it awakens the innate potential within us, allowing us to combat the ravages of time, resist the onslaught of illness, and access a deeper wisdom. This practice has garnered the attention of both the devoted Buddhist community and the seekers of modern science, for its ability to transform and heal is extraordinary.

Embrace the journey within through Treasure Vase Qi Meditation, and let your inner light shine forth, guiding you to vitality, enlightenment, and the timeless wisdom of the self.


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