Tom made my friend and I feel so welcome, it was our first breathwork experience. We both got alot out of it and will definitely be booking his next session. The location was beautiful and added to the experience.


'Excellent Breathwork class', Tom the instructor ran the session and afterwards explained the process in fascinating detail (he's clearly extremely knowledgeable). I felt amazing and will definitely attend other Vajra Breath classes.


Highly recommend. Really nice experience! Had a breathwork session with Tom. His technique is really great, and his voice makes you drift into a different state of mind real quick. Much love!


I have been a private student of Tom at Vajra Breath for over 10 months and I can honestly say it has been a life changing and insightful experience.
 Tom has a very accessible way of teaching that would suit all levels.
The breathing and meditation helped me at a difficult period in my life and the guidance I got through the meditation and breath work sessions was amazing.
 If you're thinking of doing meditation or breathwork Vajra Breath is the way to go.


I’ve done 2 classes and found both incredible, I went to another place on the second event and found I have more self awareness since. I found the classes easy to follow and felt the care and attention was the best , the sitting around talking after the class was as long as the class and that really showed the extra care. Thank you


I have tried many forms and practices of meditation throughout my life and this dynamic deep breath work has blown me away by it's simplicity and the profound effects. Every session has has been a completely different experience, ranging from spontaneous emotional releases to a sense of deep peace and even some form of embodied wisdom. I can feel the physical and nutritional benefits of deep breathing in my body for hours after the session, like it's has had a “reset”. Tom is a very experienced teacher with a big heart and heaps of clarity and calm to guide you through. I would recommend this to anyone, keep an open mind and and the less expectations you have the better. Enjoy!


Tom has a huge amount of knowledge and understanding of meditation and breathworks, and is deeply compassionate. His breathwork sessions are both enjoyable and profound, offering a safe space to express whatever arises, whether it's laughter, tears of just being still.
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